SilaMed - diagnostics and treatment in Germany
            SilaMed -  diagnostics and treatment in Germany

The best medical treatment in Germany – for the US patients!

SilaMed is an established German medical tourism agency. Our main focus is to help US patients to receive the best medical treatment in Germany and assist all the US patients to reimburse by the US national healthcare providers or employers their medical costs for treatment in Germany. As a premium full service German medical tourism agency, SilaMed helps US patients receive high quality medical treatment in German clinics at prices far below or comparable with those charged in many European countries and especially in the US. We also support you by providing all necessary German medical documents for the reimbursement procedure in the United States. While travelling to Germany our American clients have the opportunity to enjoy a world-class travel experience.

Save up to 70% on the medical bills:
compare the medical treatment prices in the USA and in Germany!


The German partner hospitals of SilaMed offer top medical treatment by well-trained and experienced specialists as well as advanced and innovative technology and high-level medical treatment at surprisingly competitive prices, especially if compared to the prices of the similar treatment in the US. The cost of surgery in the US is often two to three times (or in many cases even more!) as high as the cost of the same treatment in Germany. For example, the heart bypass costs $144,000 in the US and only approximately EUR 20,000 in Germany. The cost of a flight to Germany is normally under $1,000.


Therefore, if you choose Germany for your medical treatment you will be able to save thousands of dollars!


Please note: The prices provided are just average reference prices for comparison purposes only! They do not include airfare, travel or lodging costs. The actual prices can vary based upon many factors that include the hospital, doctor’s experience, accreditation, currency exchange rates, etc.

Medical procedure USA (prices in USD) Germany (prices in EUR)
Heart bypass $ 145,000 € 20,000
Angioplasty $   58,000 €   6,000
Heart valve replacement $ 170,000 € 21,000
Pacemaker $   35,000 € 12,000
Prostate cancer surgery, DaVinchi Method $   65,000 € 18,000
In-Vitro Fertilization $   25,000 €   5,000
Lap band $   30,000 € 15,000
Dental implant $     4,000 €   1,000


World-class diagnostics and medical treatment for the US patients in Germany
Book your medical treatment in Germany – reimburse up to 100% in the US!

Find the best medical treatment in Germany with SilaMed – apply now!
What we deliver:


How SilaMed can help you to find the right medical treatment in Germany?

  • We assist you by choosing among the best German private & state clinics

  • We inform you about your best treatment options & reimbursement possibilities
  • We assist you with the organizing of flights, accommodation, aftercare and more
  • We support you with all the necessary arrangements before, during and after your medical treatment in Germany
  • We support you by receiving the independent medical second opinion from the best German specialists if necessary


The benefits of treatment in Germany with SilaMed:

As a US citizen book your medical treatment in Germany – reimburse by the local healthcare provider up to 100% in the US!

  • Best located: top German private & state clinics in Frankfurt Main area (Germany) – easy to reach by plane
  • No or short waiting times in Germany compared to long waiting lists in many different countries
  • English speaking high ranking medical specialists
  • Direct flights from most US destinations to Frankfurt Main 
  • Travel cost savings: direct flights to Frankfurt Main (Germany) starts from 400 Euro return (Economy) and hotels from 60 Euro a night
  • No entry visa for the US citizens needed
  • Well known recognized destination for US travel insurer serving people with medical conditions in Germany
  • We support you by receiving the independent medical second opinion from the best German specialists if necessary
  • Support documents for the reimbursement by your local healthcare provider or employer

Please be advised that SilaMed's information about the medical treatment in Germany of the foreign patients, reimbursement of costs in your own country as well as the travel insurance for medical treatment are based on the data provided by the official sites of local country providers and insurance companies, the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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Please note that SilaMed cannot provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and does not make recommendations in choosing a German medical provider – that is a decision that remains entirely up to you.

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