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Featured treatment CyberKnife/GammaKnife


The following pages will inform you about SilaMed partner clinic that provides the treatment with the innovative technologies CyberKnife and GammaKnife.


Among the prerequisites for successful treatment of tumours is innovative, high-precision technology combined with a dedicated, experienced team. For more than ten years, we have specialised in completely pain-free, outpatient radiosurgical treatment with the state of the art CyberKnife and Gamma Knife systems. These revolutionary treatments can be applied for many different forms of tumors in every part of the body. The high-energy, precisely directed irradiation of the two systems enables them to deliver maximum effectiveness in eradicating tumors with minimum damaging effects to healthy organs.


In this way, successful treatment can often be accomplished with only a single outpatient session. Moreover, for some tumours, treatment outcomes are equivalent to those obtained through surgery. The decisive advantage, however, is that patients are generally able to resume their normal lives immediately after undergoing radiosurgery. The brief, pain-free treatment avoids the otherwise prolonged and costly rehabilitation and the resultant loss of work time.


This modern, high-tech medical treatment is available for you at our Radiosurgery Centers. As a patient, you are our central focus. We shall accompany you on every step of the way from the initial consultation to individually tailored treatment for your specific case and on to aftercare. To do this, the clinic is supported by an experienced and highly-qualified team of doctors, medical physicists, medical technologists and nursing staff. When it comes to treatment, precision is the promise.


Treatment advantages


Radiosurgery: a free of pain and gentle treatment

A significant advantage of treatment with CyberKnife and Gamma Knife systems is pain-free therapy with minimum adverse effects. In the few cases of side effects, they are only minor, while most patients suffer none at all. Nonetheless, the treatment achieves maximum results. Treatment at our two private centres is fully outpatient and patients are able to resume routine activity immediately after treatment. As a rule when having radiosurgery, anaesthesia, follow-up treatment or long-term, costly rehabilitation are not necessary.


Radiosurgery: Experience, innovation and flexibility

Precision is the promise. Our radiosurgery centers have the atmosphere of private health care, and yet you will benefit from the combined competence of five universities and our experienced team of radiation therapists, neurosurgeons, medical physicists and medical technology assistants. This represents a combination of experience and innovation with the flexibility of a private treatment center that is unique worldwide and guarantees the most optimum treatment for our patients.


The next pages will provide you with the detailed information about the technology of CyberKnife and GammaKnife, indications for treatment as well as all you should know about the treatment procedures.


CyberKnife technology and indications for treatment

GammaKnife technology and indications for treatment

Treatment procedures

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