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Alternative to travel: get a second opinion     in Germany

Would you like to receive a “second opinion” from the highly qualified German senior medical specialist?


Enquiring about all possible treatment options in Germany is very important prior to making a decision. SilaMed offers an excellent opportunity to receive an additional consultation while eliminating the extra cost of travelling.


You can get a comprehensive written second opinion from one of our top German specialists without having to leave your home country. Your written second opinion will be ready in one to three weeks, depending on the diagnosis.


Highly qualified specialists of our leading German partner clinics evaluate your radiological images such as MRI, CT, PET-CT, X-ray or mammography taken in patient’s home country and provide a “second opinion”.


Steps to follow to get the second opinion:

  • Fill the request form for a second opinion
  • Submit to SilaMed all important medical documents concerning your diagnosis (tests, radiological images, medical records, results of your previous treatments etc.) We highly recommend that you submit images taken within last 3 months
  • We advise you about the top German medical specialist who will provide you with the second opinion.
  • After the receiving your payment for this service totaling to 649 Euro we provide you with the written second opinion from the above mentioned German medical specialist within 3 to 7 working days.


Please note that SilaMed cannot provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and does not make recommendations in choosing a German medical provider – that is a decision that remains entirely up to you.

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