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Checklist for US in-patient treatment in Germany

If you come to Germany in order to be treated, a prior authorization from your health insurance will always be required for an in-patient treatment. Otherwise you will have to pre-pay all the costs of the treatment in the hospital based on the quotation yourself.


If you have questions regarding your entitlements please contact your healthcare insurer in the US.


If you would like to be treated like a person with private health insurance in Germany, the following checklist provides you with an overview of the aspects you should take into account before, during and after treatment.

1. Before your treatment in Germany


You have contacted your local health authority in order to ascertain under what conditions you can have the cost of treatment reimbursed.

The local US healthcare insurer has approved the treatment in the German hospital and has agreed to pay at least part of the cost.

SilaMed and you have selected a hospital in Germany which offers the treatment which you would like to have.
You have enquired through SilaMed in the hospital to discover the various benefits on offer and obtained a cost estimate.

SilaMed helped you to reach an agreement with the hospital on the scope of the treatment, in other words you have concluded a treatment contract directly with the recommended hospital in Germany.

SilaMed helped you to make an appointment at the hospital and ascertained whether copies from your medical records in the US are needed. If necessary, you have obtained copies.

You have agreed with the hospital in Germany when and how the treatment is to be paid for.


2. During your treatment in Germany


You have made sure that the doctor or dentist in attendance in the hospital has entered in the medical records all the information, steps and results which are necessary for the treatment.


3. After your treatment in Germany


You have received a release report from the hospital on the basis of which further treatment can be provided in the US.

The hospital has issued you with itemized bills after the treatment so that your local healthcare insurer can identify exactly what benefits were provided in Germany. Keep all bills carefully.

You have made sure that any prescriptions that your doctor or dentist has issued you with satisfy specific criteria. This is particularly important if you cannot present the prescriptions in Germany, but have to present them in the US.

You have submitted all the necessary invoices to your health insurer in the US in order to have the costs reimbursed.


Please note that SilaMed cannot provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and does not make recommendations in choosing a German medical provider – that is a decision that remains entirely up to you.

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